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Our mission is to provide the highest quality, professional surveying services to meet the demand of our valued clients in Nova Scotia by combining advanced surveying technology with superior expertise and work ethic.

Founded in 1987, Alderney Surveys is proud of its strong reputation for excellent service while providing a diversified range of professional land surveying.
Image by Alina Shchurova


Joseph Alcorn

Joseph Alcorn, N.S.L.S. (President)
Licensed as a Nova Scotia Land Surveyor since 1981, Joseph joined Alderney Surveys in 1986. He spent a number of years as a Professional Land Surveyor and project manager for numerous construction and legal surveying projects before becoming company president in 1998. Joesph is responsible for the Quality Assurance of all projects taken on by Alderney Surveys.

Michael Crant

Michael Crant, N.S.L.S.

Michael has been a Professional Land Surveyor since 1972 and has been with our firm since 1999. He has extensive experience in construction and legal surveying as well as spending 2 years as an instructor in surveying in Saudi Arabia. Michael oversees a large portion of Alderney Surveys Subdivision and legal boundary retracement work.

Jeremy Parent

Jeremy Parent, P.Eng.
Jeremy is a professional survey engineer who has been with Alderney since 2006 and has contributed immensely to our ability to provide high-quality services. Jeremy oversees engineering requirements for site design for grading and drainage plans throughout Halifax and Hants Counties. 

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