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Image by Valeria Fursa


If you are looking at building a new home in the HRM area, Alderney’s comprehensive grading package can be a simple solution to all of your Surveying and Engineering needs throughout the entire process.

Grading Package

Alderney’s Grading Package includes the following services:

Initial Topographic Survey Work

Pick up existing elevations and services and tie in boundary evidence as well as any other topographic features to note on the lot.

Lot Grading Plan

Alderney uses the Survey data to design the building and lot for optimal drainage, design and functionality using standards required by HRM.

Building Layout for Excavation

Wooden Stakes and Rebar will be set at an offset to the foundation corners for easy excavation and accurate footing location.

Nails In Footing

Nails are accurately set in the footing at the proposed foundation corners of the building to ensure the building meets HRM’s zoning setback regulations on the front, sides, and rear of the lot in relation to the boundary. 

Survey Location Certificate

A certificate showing where the footing or foundation is located in relation to the boundary as well as any other permanent structures.

Final Grading Certificate

After landscaping has been completed a field and office analysis of the grades is required to determine compliance to site drainage requirements. The final Grading Certificate or Deficiency Report (if work is not complete) is required for an Occupancy Permit.

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